Instructor Darbi Sessions

Darbi will work with students in a class environment in the fall and then as competition season comes closer – she will work individually with each student.  This is a new class to the studio and more details will be coming!

Instructors are Melissa Powell and JoDee Spencer

This is more than a class offered at Dezi’s Dance Studio. Dezi’s performing teams are just how they sound! It is a group of students who dance at the studio twice weekly and perform throughout the year! The Performing Teams are try-out based and we are looking for students with strong work ethics, ability to stay on task, and the ability to learn choreography quickly. They will need to have an adequate level of flexibility and must be expressive as they dance. This is NOT a competition team and will not be traveling outside the valley. This is a team designed to give students who are passionate about dancing the opportunity for more rapid personal progression and more performing opportunities. This is for serious, committed dancers looking to perform more often than at the spring recital. Students must be committed to practicing and dancing all year round. Try-outs for each year’s team will be in June after our spring recital and performances begin in late summer/early fall.  Students on the Performance Team grow and come together as a dance family and really have the opportunity to learn and progress. This is a time and financial commitment! Any questions can be sent to

Instructor is Darbi Sessions.  Dezi Haderlie will assist and possibly Brindy Sims

This is a tumbling only class. This class takes the ability to tumble across a mat and combines it with choreography to create a fun and intense routine. Students will learn how to tumble and create good body mechanics needed for a strong dancer and tumbler.  Progressions with be taught up through back handsprings and back tucks. Each student progresses at their own rate and appropriate skills are taught as the student is ready.  Pre-requisites for the class include the ability to do a backbend, comeup, kickover, hand limbre  and front and back walkovers on your own.  The class will require a strong work ethic. It will be hard.  This is not for students that are just looking for a fun social experience.  We will expect students to work on things at home as well. Two tumbling routines will be learned and performed at the spring recital.

If you are interested in this class – contact Dezi at to discuss where your student is concerning the skills required for this class.  Students returning from last year’s advanced class do not need to contact Dezi!! Class is 1 hour once a week and tuition is $62/month.

Instructor is Dezi Haderlie/Brindy Sims.

In this class traditional jazz components including jumps, leaps and

turns will be taught and perfected.  Tap will also be taught and students must have at least 2 years of tap experience to be in this class.  If they have clogging experience – this will count as tap experience.  Students will perform both genres at the spring recital. Class is 1 hour once a week and  tuition is $62/month.

Instructor is Julie Cranney

Pointe is a type of ballet where dancing is done on the tips of the toes, or en pointe. This is for serious ballet dancers willing to put in the hard work, time, and effort required to learn to dance en pointe. Ballet is the basis for almost every type of dance! Dancing en Pointe requires great strength and good technique. It allows more advanced ballet dancers the ability to grow and increase individually and as a group. Dancers need to have been in ballet for several years as well as Pre-Pointe and have permission from the instructor to be in this class.  Pointe shoes are very expensive and students may need to buy multiple pairs a year. Class meet 2 times a week for 1.5 hours each day.  Tuition is $150/month

Instructor is Melissa Powell

Once-weekly, hour-long, single discipline class, focusing on barre work, center-floor, and across-the-floor exercises.   Pre- Pointe is a pointe preparation class for serious ballet students interested in dancing en pointe. Students must be 5th grade or older.  $62/month

Instructor is Julie Cranney

Once weekly, 90 minute class. Class format includes stretching, across-the-floors, and work in these genres.  This is a class for serious high school students wanting to work hard and improve their skills.  Julie will be pushing students to improve individually not only in skills but also musicality and performance quality.   Class is 90 minutes once a week and tuition will be $75/month

Instructor is Brindy Sims

The class will focus on several modes of dance including jazz, contemporary, lyrical and modern.  It is the perfect class for those who are new to the studio.  It is also great for students that have been taking other classes and are ready to experience these genres. This class allows students to experience what different dance genres are and why they have those differences. It allows students to find their own place and favorite styles of dance, in a positive, supportive environment. Extensive stretching and cross the floors will be a part of this class. Class is 1 hour once a week and tuition is $62/month

Instructor is Holly Ordyna

This class is for the student who sees dance in their future in a dance team or competitive setting.  Extensive stretching and skills needed to make our performing teams will be a large part of this class.  Lyrical dance is very fluid and expressive type of dance, allowing dancers to express themselves in a beautiful way. Jazz will also be taught and these two genres will be the type of recital pieces they prepare.  ! This is a one hour class for 3rd graders and older that is very technique oriented.  This is not a recreational class and students will need to be highly motivated and be able to remain on task for a full hour. Students will be encouraged to grow and develop their technique in these two fun and fundamental dancing styles. Tumbling is not a normal part of this class but will at times be incorporated.   If your student is new to the studio but has danced previously – please contact Dezi to discuss your students dance experience to see if this class would be right for them.  Students who have a hard time staying on task after the first 3 weeks will be asked to move into a recreational based class. Class is 1 hour once a week and tuition is  $62/month

Instructor is Dezi Haderlie

This is a combo tumbling/tap class, and is for beginning to intermediate tumblers. Students in this class will continue working on tap skills as well as focusing on more tumbling skills. Students must be able to land on their feet when they do a cartwheel and stay in a bridge position for 20 seconds with their head off the ground to participate in this class. Tap teaches students rhythm and musicality. As they learn and progress, they will gain confidence and improve their abilities. They will perform a tap dance as well as a choreographed group tumbling number at the recital. Students will need tap shoes for this class. Class is 45 minutes once a week and tuition is $55/month.