Advanced Youth Clogging – Instructor is Cassie Jenkins.  This is an invitation only class.  Cassie will evaluate students during their normal class at the end of a dance year and contact those she thinks may be ready to move into this advanced class.  They will then be required to come in for an evaluation.  Students will clog alone to show the required skills needed.  Not only do basic steps and combinations need to be mastered – but students will also need to show the ability to stay on beat at all times with the music.  Performance quality will also be considered for this class.  Don’t worry – Cassie will make this evaluation fun and will clog along with the student at times to make sure they know what she is looking for during the evaluation.   If chosen to be in this class – it co-ed and is held for 45 minutes/week.  Tuition is $43/month.

**Please note that clogging shoes are very expensive.  They run between $98-$106 new.  We sometimes have used shoes that students from previous years have outgrown but there is no guarantee we will have a used shoe that will fit your student.  Shoes must be ordered mid-August in order for good supplies of sizes to be available.  If you sign up for this class – you will be contacted about shoes. Please note that Cassie requires a white buck-tap styled white shoe.