Dezi Haderlie

Dezerene “Dezi” Haderlie is the owner/operator of Dezi’s Dance Studio. She has been involved in dance since she was a toddler. Her mother Diann owned a studio for over 23 years and dancing was just simply a part of life for Dezi as she grew up.

Dezi received a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with a dual major in Biology and Business. She thought she would spend her life teaching in the public school system until her mom, Diann was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Diann couldn’t bear to close her studio so she asked Dezi to help teach. Eight months later Dezi realized that her love for teaching and her love for dance would take her life in a whole new direction.

Dezi operated her own studio in Montana for 2 years before moving to Idaho and then settling in Star Valley where her husband was raised. Two years later she opened Dezi’s Dance Studio in Grover with 74 students her first year. Star Valley has been good to Dezi as she has seen her studio grow tremendously since that first year in 2006. The studio has since moved to north Afton where there are 3 dance floors for teachers to utilize.

Dezi loves all styles of music and dance! Over 45 years have been spent teaching or dancing herself!  Now with so many talented instructors a part of her studio staff – Dezi only teaches tap, beginning ballet and all levels of tumbling to boys and girls alike.

Seeing students grow in skill and confidence is what makes teaching dance – “the best job in the world”. Dezi is so grateful for the chance that she has each week to be a part of her student’s lives!!  One of her favorite things is now teaching 2nd generation dancers as previous students are now bringing their children back to the studio!

Outside the studio – Dezi’s favorite thing is to be with her husband Roy, 7 children and 2 grandbabies. They love to watch movies, ride horses and motorcycles, ski, hunt, travel, play sports and just love to be together!