Creative Movement/Ballet – Instructor is Martha Sims – This class is a combined 3 and 4 year old class. Beginning ballet with barre and center floor work are a main component of this class.  Creative Movement and Independent dancing are another focus.  As well – basic tumbling skills will be taught.  Martha will take about 10 minutes a day to teach basic rolls and body orientation skills like log rolls and bucking/rocking horses!   Students will learn one ballet dance to perform in the spring recital.

Martha is exceptional in creating a learning atmosphere that is inviting and safe for the beginning student. Martha’s loving yet firm demeanor endears all students to her and they will love coming to class to see her as much as enjoy coming to actually dance!!

Students must be completely potty trained to be in this class.  No pull-ups are allowed.  Please remember also that every year we have students who really want to dance at home, in the car, outside in the yard – but when they arrive at the studio – they are worried about parents leaving.  Usually after 1-2 weeks with Martha – they are fine.  But each year there are a few students who just need another year before they are ready for this type of class.  If your student’s anxiety about being left is taking Martha away from teaching the rest of the class – we may need to discuss with the parent about waiting a year.

This class meets for 45 minutes.  After the first week of orientation – parents will be asked to be ready to pick up their students after 30 minutes.  When the majority of the class starts to ask questions like “Are we done yet”, “How much longer”  – we conclude dance for the day.  We feel like it is better to have the students be on task for 35 or 40 minutes than to drag out the last 5-10 minutes with unhappy students.   It usually only takes about  1-4 weeks for the students in class to be ready to stay the entire 45 minutes!  Tuition is $43/month.  Class size ranges between 6-8 students.

This class only requires one shoe – a white leather ballet shoe.  We don’t use satin slippers.  If you already have pink or black ballet shoes – your student can wear them during the year – but you will have to buy white ones before year-end activities like photos and performances.  These shoes can be purchased used at the shoe trade or we can order them for you at the shoe trade.  (If you are unable to attend – we will order shoes the 1st day of class for anyone that is in need).  You are welcome to purchase them on your own as well.

**Appropriate dancewear for your student is tights and a leotard.  They can wear any color they would like.   We always have a dancewear “catalog” that you can order items from that is available at the shoe trade.  There are also size samples if you want to try a leotard on to see what size fits.   If ordered at the shoe trade – we will have the dancewear for you at your 1st day of dance.  (But you don’t have to get your dancewear from us of course!)

We also have tights that are always available to buy at the studio as well.  Pink and white – they are $8/pair.  (Though more expensive than Walmart tights – they are good quality tight that often lasts longer)   Accessories such as leg warmers, ballet sweaters and leggings are optional.  Please note that if your student has a habit of continually taking off these “extras” – Martha may ask you to only have them wear their leotard and tights to class!   One last thing – Jewelry and toys should always be left at home.  They are a HUGE distraction at class not only for your student but for other students as well!  Thanks so much for helping us with this.