Taught by Melissa Powell – these are 1 hour long, single discipline classes. Pre Pointe classes are available for 4th graders and older.  Pointe classes are available to those only after Pointe evaluations.  Melissa loves to teach about the history and terminology of ballet.  She also teaches a barre/strengthening class.  This is optional for Pre-Pointe students but required for Pointe students.

The words for the week are…
Plié: a bending of the knee or knees
Demi: half
Grande: big, large

The stretch for the week is…
Find a partner willing to handle your feet. Have the helper interlock their fingers of both hands and hold onto one of your feet with their thumbs on the top of your foot. Start with bent knees, sitting on the floor. Slowly straighten your knees as far as you can while your partner holds your feet with your toes still on the floor.