Ballroom – Instructor is JoDee Spencer.  This is a partner class.  It is best to try to find your own – but if you don’t have a partner in mind – contact Dezi and she will try to help!  Each year JoDee chooses two different ballroom genres and teaches a dance from each one to the students. She usually picks a traditional waltz or foxtrot styled number and then a more fast paced styled dance.  She has done the country swing, 50’s swing, and Latin Cha Cha in previous years.  JoDee’s fun and creative choreography as well as upbeat personality has made this a student’s favorite at the studio.   We have a 5th/6th grade class as well as a 7th/8th grade class that meets for 45 minutes/week.  Tuition is $43/month.  The high school class meets for 1 hour/week and tuition is $48/month.  Boys will need a black oxford styled ballroom shoe.  Girls use a caramel/tan character shoe.