Hip Hop – Instructor is Cassie Jenkins.  This class is for 5th-8th graders.  In Cassie’s hip hop class – your student will not only learn current hip hop steps but will work on Tricking each week.  Tricking is doing tumbling type skills but on the bare floor without mats.  Cassie works on these skills each week on a mat and then moves them onto center floor.  Cassie is always up to date with all the newest songs and dance styles.  She is “super cool” and her students love her!!  She does teach a “conservative” style of hip hop with no pelvic thrusts or twerking.  This is a co-ed class and is taught for 1 hour/week.  Tuition is $48/month. Cassie picks a hip hop sneaker that will be used at class as well as to perform in.  This is available to order at the shoe trade or the 1st day of class.